Berber Carpet Repair

Need a highly skilled Berber carpet repair technician to take a look at the damage to your Berber carpet? You have come to the right spot.

Berber carpet can be tricky to repair, so having someone who is specially trained to handle Berber carpet damage issues is highly recommended.

Berber carpet is not like most carpets that you see around town with the cut pile. Berber carpet is a looped pile carpet which means the fibers in the carpet are not cut. It is looped back into the backing of the carpet to get the looped pile look.

While this type of construction provides exceptional durability and enhanced stain fighting abilities, it also makes it prone to severe damage from sharp objects such as cleats, pet claws and the occasional vacuum cleaner.

When our Berber carpet repair specialists arrive at your home on the day of your appointment, they will conduct a brief assessment to figure out the scope of the damage to your Berber carpet.

After the initial assessment, they will explain what kind of damage your carpet has and how we are going to fix it.

We have two highly effective carpet repair solutions that we can use on your Berber carpet. It solely depends on the severity of the damage.

For minor damage, we can surgically weave in new fiber loops. If your Berber carpet has significant damage, we will cut out the damaged section and replace with a new permanent section of carpet. We can ensure that your carpet repair will be undetectable.

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