Seam Repair

Did you the median square foot of homes in Phoenix and the surrounding area is a whopping 2,584 sq ft? The likelihood of some of that square footage being carpeted is very high.

Most homeowners envision the carpeting in their home as single piece of carpet when in reality it is made up of multiple pieces of carpet that are glued together.

The pieces of carpet are glued together at the seams to ensure a uniform look across the entire room. Every once in awhile the adhesive that is holding the carpet seams together will deteriorate and come apart.

If you have noticed this problem with your carpet you should give us a call right away. If you leave your seams exposed for an extended period, the edges will fray and cause further headaches.

We can take care of your seam damage issue quickly and professionally by using our high-quality latex adhesive to glue the carpet seams back together.

If your carpet seams are frayed or damaged, we can take care of that problem too. We can remove the damaged seams on your carpet and section in a new one in its place and glue together. This tried and true method of repair is very effective at fixing your damaged seam issue.

Our creative carpet repair solutions will save you time and money in the long run. It is always better to repair your carpet than to replace it prematurely.

You can learn more about our seam damage repair service by calling 623-252-1175 today.