Rug Repair

When it comes to rug repair, we do not blame you for taking the time to research multiple companies before finding the right one. We would do that same thing!

You did not spend your hard earned money on the rug of your dreams only to have a ham-handed inexperienced novice ruin it because of their lack of skill and knowledge.

Rugs are treasures and deserved to be treated as that way. This is our rug care philosophy from start to finish. Your rug repair journey begins with us when we pick up your rug from your home.

We take extreme caution when transporting your rug from your home to our facility and back to your home after the repairs are made.

Once your rug is at our facility, we will examine your rug and establish what types of repairs your rug is going to need. After the examination we will call you and explain what needs to be done and to get your consent before we move forward with any repairs.

We are transparent and honest throughout the whole process because we want to make sure that you feel comfortable as possible with the repair process.

The most common types of rug damage issues that we encounter are serging or fraying fringe, claw,chew, pet stains and food stains.

After the necessary repairs have been made the last step of the rug repair process is to bring your rug back to you looking better than new!

Our IICRC certified rug repair specialists do amazing work and will not let you down. Schedule your appointment with us by calling 623-252-1175 today.