Carpet to Tile Transition

Are you thinking about adding tile to your home or currently in the process of adding tile to your home? That is great news,  and we applaud your decision. Even though we are a carpet repair company, we like tile as well.

We believe that tile and carpet are fantastic flooring options that complement each other when the transition between carpet and tile is executed correctly. You might think this is a minor detail that should be overlooked but it is not.

Believe me; your guests will notice a carpet to tile transition that is not done properly. More importantly looking at an unfinished carpet to tile transition every day is going to drive your crazy!

You can nip the problem of a damaged carpet in the bud by calling Surprise Carpet Repair & Cleaning today.

Most of the time after a tile install your carpet needs to be re-stretched to meet the new tile. If your carpet is not re-stretched after a tile install, it can lead to your carpet becoming wrinkled and rippled.

A poor carpet to tile transition installation can cause your carpet to fray or become a tripping hazard for your guest and loved ones. Our IICRC certified specialists are ready to help you today!

If you have questions about our carpet to tile transition repair service or if you would like to book an appointment with us give us a call at 623-252-1175 today.